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How does the weather change?

Weather is a complicated system. There are a lot of factors that forces the weather to change. Weather differs in various regions. This is because it mainly depends upon the intensity of the sun. The amount of heat the land receives or the amount of heat it lets out determines the weather of a particular place. Also, the proximity of altitudes and oceans will have effects on the geographic locations.

Respect the natural resources

Before discussing about the availability of the natural resources, lets take a tour at our solar system. Life will be doomed without the sun. It is the main source of energy and all living beings are completely dependent on it. Sun has all the powers to bring a change in the weather system and indirectly affecting your life in a positive or a negative manner!

The sun light travels all through the space and reaches the Earth. It heats up the ocean and the land surfaces. The earth then releases the heat back to the atmosphere. It should be remembered that every region receives different amount of heat. It does not remain same throughout. Changes in the Earths orbit and the intensity of the sun make the climate different in various places.

So, when the earth tries to release the heat back, it is not always successful in doing it. Why? This is because of the Greenhouse gases. Gases such as water vapor, methane, nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide are a crucial part of the atmosphere. It stops the Earth from being a frigid sphere. However, the excessive usage of fossil fuels releases greater amount of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases. This makes the Earth hotter that eventually leads to global warming.

Therefore, if we do not respect our natural resources, there will be no mercy for the mankind.


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