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Is it possible to bring back the earth smile?

Well, definitely you can bring back the smile of the Earth. A little determination can change your surroundings and would encourage your friends and neighbors to do the same! Usually people blame the higher officials for the rapid increase in pollution. But, it is ultimately we the people, who own auto vehicles for a luxurious ride. This is a matter to think upon.

How can you save the earth?

You can do a lot of things to save the earth.

Why use your vehicle when the public transport is available? - Use your car only when needed. Instead, go by bus for a regular travel. If by any chance you are using your vehicle, then give lifts to your neighbors. For example, for one week you can provide lifts to your neighbor who wants to go to the same destination, and the next week you take a lift. This is a great way to save on fuel and reduce the effect of pollution.

Take a brisk walk for a shorter distance- Why waste money on conveyance or fuel? Walking is good for health and burns the calories. It will also make you active! Take a walk and feel the beauty of the nature.

A green terrace- do you have a terrace? Well, make it green. Plant beautiful flowers and make your terrace look ravishing. You can also have a money plant in your house. Not much care is needed. In addition, you will get fresh oxygen. How cool is that?

Recycle- Do you have a creative bend? Why not use it in an effective way? Recycle the papers, newspapers and the magazines to make something different and attractive. Take the help of the search engines to get amazing ideas!

Take these steps and you would see how beautiful the Earth looks!


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