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Climate change and its negative impacts

Today generation is suffering from a frequent climatic change. Why is this happening? The straight answer can be global warming. It is the only factor that has led the world to see a different climate throughout. The colder regions are getting warmer and warmer regions are becoming hotter! The glaciers are melting and the living creatures are finding it difficult to start there.

The impacts

As said earlier, global warming is the only cause for the climate to change. The ice sheets have already started melting. Large amount of melted ice gets in contact with the streams, lakes, rivers and oceans. This in turn raises the water and the sea levels which eventually lead to floods. The low-lying cities and towns are affected the most.

The flora and fauna are suffering because of the weather changes. The loss of vegetation, wildfires and unnatural deaths of many species has called for an alarm bell. The penguins and the polar bears in the icy regions are at risk. The melting of the glaciers has destroyed their habitat. If the temperature continues to rise like this, too many innocent creatures will die.

Storms and droughts will soon become a common scenario if global warming continues with its pace. Illness, headaches and other discomforts will follow. There has been a lot of news about the countries attacked by tornadoes. Thus, this is how a region will be welcomed by the climate’s devil side!

Although the sea level might increase, but the regions where only an iota of water is available, will no more see fresh water in the coming decades. The water bodies will dry out and the bush fires will take place.

The scenario might seem shocking, but this the truth of nature. There is always an equal and an opposite reaction to what you do.


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